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The Song of Arms and a Man

Suicide of Dido - image


Virgil’s story of Aeneas, father of the Roman people, is coming

to the University of Bristol

on 9th February 2019.


The Song of Arms and a Man tells the story of Aeneas’ escape from Troy, his stay with Dido and his struggle to fulfil his destiny as founder of Rome. These readings from Virgil's Aeneid are selective, but tell the whole story of the poem, rarely heard, in a unique presentation of the original verse, echoing the ancient culture of public performance of poetry.


George Sharpley's adaptation of the poem is read by Emma Kirkby, Matthew Hargreaves, Elizabeth Donnelly and Llewelyn Morgan.


Latin readings with an English narration.


This is for all, including those new to Latin.


"An extraordinary story told in a beautiful language"



Hear now:

Matthew Hargreaves reads

from Aeneas' visit to the underworld



University of Bristol


Wills Memorial Building, 9th February 2019, 7pm,

Programme: 50 minutes - 15-minute interval - 40 minutes


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Further information : Tel. 01452 731113

Wills Memorial Building - imageLeft: The University of Bristol's Wills Memorial Building towers over the skyline at the top of Park Street in Bristol.


Above: Dido's suicide (Claude-Augustin Cayot)